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Software Creators

We provide IT solutions for business. We develop systems, run and integrate solutions, advise on IT projects.

Developing IT solutions for business

We are the IT partner of the biggest and most dynamically developing companies in Poland.

Process and Document Management

We specialise in implementing systems for business and document management processes.

BI and Mobile Applications

We realize Business Intelligence projects and create applications for mobile platforms.

Team of over 100 experts

We create a strong web of engineers, analysts, programmers and business consultants localized in Warsaw, Łódź and Rzeszów.

10 years of experience

We have many years of experience on the Polish market within the field of implementing dedicated IT systems.

Within K2 Group

We are part of K2 Internet Group listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

We base the values of FABRITY on:


Sustainable growth

resulting from the development of our own competences, creating a business with current and new Clients and investing in knowledge and skills of our employees.


Respect and care for the business success of our Clients

which makes our projects gain recognition of Clients, translate into visible value for them and long-term cooperation with us – this is confirmed by numerous references.


Strong and stable team of experts

who, in the framework of FABRITY, develop their potential (no contract workers). We are confident that in this way we provide Clients with the highest business value.


Passion and commitment

in the implementation and success of the projects for our Clients, which stems from a desire to build long-term relationships based on transparent rules and high competences.

Experienced team of experts

Every day, over 100 engineers, analysts, project managers and consultants of FABRITY are involved in IT projects for the largest companies operating on the Polish market.

We believe that the ability to connect industry-specific business competences, technological competences and consulting skills within our teams translates into the better understanding of our Clients’ needs and successful implementation of IT solutions.

We invest in sustainable development of the knowledge and expertise of our employees and we share such values with our Clients. During the implementation of our projects, we do not use hired employees of contract companies.

We support individual development of our employees, providing attractive career paths, with the possibility of change in the leading competences profile. We care about the friendly working environment supporting the work-oriented projects and a close relationship of a dedicated team with the customer.


  • Tomasz Burczyński

    President of the Management Board

    Tomasz is responsible for developing the company's offer and the sale of business solutions for new Clients.

    He took part in many IT projects executed for leading Polish and international companies. He has experience in the implementation of collaboration systems and business process management, as well as in the integration of IT systems around key business processes.

    He is a graduate of the Warsaw School of Economics, where he finished the Faculty of Quantitative Methods and IT Systems.

  • Rafał Graboś

    Key Account Manager and Head of Design

    Rafal specializes in project portfolio management and advisory services related to business process management.

    In FABRITY, he began as a senior analyst in projects for the banking and pharmaceutical industries. After having taken the chair of the head of the Analyst and Test Team, he dealt with the development of competences and the company's potential in terms of methodology and analytical standards. In the following years, as a Project Manager and Key Account Manager, he was responsible for relationships with Clients and attracting new Clients.

    He received a degree of PhD of Computer Science at the University of Leipzig, he also led the classes of Artificial Intelligence at the Computer Science Department of the Military University of Technology in Warsaw.

  • Małgorzata Bukowska

    Head of Business Analysis

    Małgorzata leads a team responsible for business analysis in IT projects and support of sales of IT solutions to new Clients. Her duties include providing high quality of analytical services in all projects undertaken by the company.

    She is also charged with consulting with a view to optimizing business processes. She participated in the development of projects implementing solutions supporting process management for major clients in the industrial, pharmaceutical and financial sectors.

    She graduated from the Faculty of Technical Physics, Computer Science and Applied Mathematics at the Technical University of Łódź. She is currently a PhD student at the Faculty of Cybernetics of the Military University of Technology in Warsaw.

  • Grzegorz Glica

    Head of Software Production

    In comparison to project teams, Grzegorz manages the work of engineers and software architects, he is responsible for the technical support of design teams and creation of technical concepts for newly designed systems. He actively participates in the development of the organization in the area of R & D.

    He specializes in business process automation solutions, SOA solutions and systems integration. Previously, as an architect and team leader, he was involved in large projects, among others, for Clients in the financial sector.

    He graduated from the Faculty of Mathematics, Computer Science and Mechanics at University of Warsaw.

We belong to K2 Internet Group

We are a part of K2 Internet Group listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. K2 Internet Group companies act as comprehensive and reliable partner supporting companies in the use of Internet and new media in all aspects of marketing, sales and customer service.

  • The group of companies operating in the areas of new media and new technologies.
  • 17 years of experience on the Polish market.
  • More than 300 employees.
  • Listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

The leading company of the interactive communication industry in Poland

Specializes in planning and buying online media and leading affiliate campaigns and e-mail marketing

Offers SEM/SEO services

Offers hosting services and data in cloud computing

Longtime Microsoft Gold Partner that specializes in creating software based on Microsoft products and technologies.