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Access control system

Manage access to buildings and facilities. Deploy a fully electronic process of people, vehicles and material registration and tracking.

Thanks to the Access Control System:


You streamline the notification and pass issuing process for individual people and groups (in the case of mass traffic).


You will gain an effective tool for managing access levels within the enterprise. You will eliminate the risk of presence of unauthorised persons within the protected areas.


You will gain full control over registration and traffic of people and vehicles, verification of visitor identity and their rights. At any time and place, thanks to the use of mobile devices.


You will receive information on actual activities taking place on site thanks to assigning personal data and rights to a specific person.

Access Control System


The scope of functionalities of TCS system covers support for operations related to notification and issuing of one-time, permanent and temporary passes, specifying the level of access to the defined zones within the area of the company or its entire premises.

Furthermore, the solution includes assistance for vehicle traffic registration and control processes on the premises and for movement of securities.

Thanks to support for mobile devices with NFC card readers, security employees gain an additional opportunity to verify user passes and rights at any time or place.

Access control process flowchart

Access control process flowchart

Access Control System modules