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Business process management

We create business applications for enterprises, enabling them to optimise and automate complex processes.

Business process management requires the right tools and competences. The K2 Blackpearl platform is a BPMS enabling business process support applications to be designed, constructed and shared. FABRITY's experience in developing BPM solutions and a customer-oriented approach ensure optimum solutions that take into account the interests of different business groups.

Thanks to the K2 platform, you gain:


Business process manageability. You will be certain that the processes function as envisioned and you will ensure appropriate compliance management.


Ability to measure key performance indicators. You will receive information enabling you to plan the optimisation of operations.


Operational optimisation. You will improve process efficiency by automating routine task, controlling the order of steps in the process and eliminating some of the paper documents.


Process auditability.

You will be able to clearly define the workflow of each instance of a process, the decisions taken therein, as well as input data and documents. You will protect yourself from non-compliant actions and abuse.

K2 platform features

K2 platform functionality


  • Design of interactive forms without coding
  • Information from line of business systems and external data sources in a single form
  • Condition-based rules that control form behavior


  • Multiple drag-and-drop design environments
  • Reusability of workflow steps accross applications


  • Easy integration between multiple systems and data sources
  • Access to line of business data across the organization


  • Application tracking with real-time data and insights
  • Custom reports easily integrated with Microsoft-based tools

The K2 platform provides developers with visual tools for creating fully functional process applications.

Narzędzia dla projektantów
Narzędzia dla projektantów
Narzędzia dla projektantów
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  • 3 000customers
  • 84countries
  • 30%yearly growth


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