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Electronic correspondence management system

Scanning, data extraction and support for scanned documents. Recording and managing correspondence: incoming, outgoing and internal. Support for archiving paper documents.

The solution improves the activities of a traditional office thanks to automating laborious and repetitive tasks. The system streamlines the process of entering and assigning documents, providing full control over the correct handling of cases. Additionally, the system enables integration of multiple offices operating simultaneously and thanks to the advanced search and indexing mechanisms, it supports localisation of official documents and cases.

Intended use:

  • large and medium-sized enterprises willing to improve the quality of correspondence management processes
  • offices in enterprises involved in digitising large volumes of documents and willing to streamline activities related to classification, description and archiving of documents
  • enterprises providing BPO services, which involve the processing of various types and formats of documents originating from multiple customers

Major features:

  • Correspondence digitalisation

    • scanning and automatic registration of paper documents,
    • marking documents using barcodes,
    • data extraction and letter classification.
  • Document circulation optimisation

    • automatic attribution based on pre-defined rules,
    • defining case files,
    • publishing documents in a MS SharePoint repository,
    • modelling and parameterisation of the document circulation process.
  • Tracking paper letters

    • manual and automatic archiving,
    • marking physical locations of storage (virtual boxes),
    • moving data between storerooms.
  • Other features

    • outgoing message book support,
    • franking machine integration (accruing mailing fees),
    • document template management,
    • sender and addressee information repository.