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Enterprise content management

Facilitate the electronic document flow.
Reduce time and cost of implementing ECM solutions thanks to the flexible DMS.

We provide business solutions for content and document management via our own CoreDMS platform – a set of ready-to-use functional elements typical for DMS platforms customizable to individual requirements of each and every enterprise.

That results in both optimization of costs and shortening of the time needed for implementing the solution. Our solutions provide high software stability and efficiency while guaranteeing high flexibility in defining required functionalities. CoreDMS is based on proven technologies and dedicated products of our partner companies, which may be expanded by desirable functionalities.

Thanks to CoreDMS platform you will gain:


A package of ready to use and expandable functionalities


Flexibility in adjusting your system to business requirements


High usability of the solution for end users


A set of advanced functionalities in all the areas of DMS


A solution based on proven technologies and products of our partner companies


A solution with a relatively short implementation time

In the Top200 Computerworld ranking, FABRITY was awarded the title of the biggest supplier of systems for print and document flow management, which proves its position as the ECM leader.

CoreDMS platform functionalities

  • Case management
  • Record management
  • Document flow
  • Scanning
  • OCR
  • Data extraction and classification
  • Content repository
  • Versioning
  • Archiving
  • Searching
  • Electronic signature
  • Rights management
  • Documentation imaging
  • Protection

ECM solutions

  • Self-service (HR, IT, administration, finances)
  • Flow of invoices and financial documents
  • Budgeting and order management
  • Electronic correspondence management system
  • Agreement and contract management
  • Managing normative acts and management system documentation
  • Confidential documents repositories
  • Digital maps management
  • Documentation of production processes and assembly instructions

Business consulting in terms of

  • managing the entire life cycle of paper and electronic documents
  • developing office instructions and lists of files
  • defining the file flow, service time parameters, ways of file storing and distributing, rules of disposing of paper and electronic files
  • standardizing instructions and ensuring their compliance with legislation and internal policies
  • implementing solutions emphasizing procedures of auditing compliance with documentation management system
  • supporting processes such as lending originals, archiving hard copies, transferring documents to internal or external archives, reporting documentation disposal