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Innovation management

The solution is the result of many years of experience in the area of innovation process support. The Innovation Centre, being de facto a team responsible for conducting and supporting innovation campaigns in key business areas.

The system supports the stimulation of employee potential and its use to achieve business objectives through information campaigns focused on specific areas (e.g. sales development, production rationalisation, effectiveness of communication). Precise campaign goals, expert support and promotion of activities allow building a culture of the organisation where grassroots initiatives are a respected and appreciated value.

The system provides analytical tools enabling the constant observation of the campaign's lifecycle and the monitoring of the activity of its participants.

Intended use:

  • Large organisations with complex structure willing to streamline their information channels.
  • Enterprises that require continuous involvement of employees in the improvement of products and services.

Major features:

  • Innovation campaigns

    • Tools for collecting, developing and assessing employee ideas within the thematic area established by the sponsor of the campaign
    • An 'open box' as a place for submitting ideas and requests (also anonymously)
    • The best campaign results are achieved with the support of tutors / animators from the Innovation Centre, as well as appropriate experts in the given field.
    • Features supporting collaboration and discussion of ideas enable stimulation of campaign participants and the transformation of their role as observers to creators of ideas.
  • Idea bank

    • A repository of ideas, including discussion threads, expert reviews and analysis of the feasibility and implementation status
    • Tools for multi-dimensional analysis of the submitted ideas
    • Possibility of reporting and publishing the results of the campaign
    • Support for the analysis of the activity of employees invited to participate in the campaign