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Software design process

Software Requirement Analysis

Be sure that the implemented software will comply with your business goals thanks to the comprehensive analysis of the requirements and objectives of the planned project.

While planning the implementation of a new solution, we run the business requirement analysis, which allows us to determine the assumptions of new software in all the relevant areas of its design. We discover the key business objectives of users and business owners.

We analyze the business processes that will be supported by the software and we set the functional and non-functional requirements for the software.

We advise in the selection of technologies, products and tools.

We create organizational assumptions for the project development.

We prepare project schedules and cost estimation with agile methodologies and the documentation for inquiries.

How do we do it?

  • Interviews with end-users
  • Business workshops
  • Analysis and processes re-engineering
  • Requirements registry
Software Requirement Analysis

Software design

See how the real system will look and work and take a test drive on an application prototype. Validate and introduce changes in a design phase in order to ensure successful implementation and to avoid excessive costs and schedule delays.

We engage our analysts and designers on conceptual design and detailed functional and technical software design, having a preliminary business analysis as a starting point.

We organize and run software functional workshops with a group of business owners and key users.

We specify how the software that we create will support specific business processes.

We develop system prototypes and “clickable functional mockups” to ensure right validation and good understanding on how the future system would look and work.

We provide systems integration analysis and feasibility study.

How do we do it?

  • Functional workshops
  • Designing business process automation
  • Functional GUI prototypes
  • Defining application integration for the new solution
Software design

UX & Visual design

Get your application to look beautiful with a nice visual design and intuitive user interface in order to increase the speed of adaptation of the new solution and the effectiveness of end-users.

We put special emphasis on visual design quality, high usability and intuitiveness of the solutions for end users.

We run User-Experience design (UX) in accordance with the User Centered Design concept.

We create application visual design and visual prototypes that exist as fully-clickable, graphically polished mock-ups and can be tested by future key users.

We do research and validation on visual design prototypes with a representative group of end-users (client’s employees, partners, customers etc.).

We use professional “eye-tracker” appliance to run visual design validation with representative end-users.

We cooperate with K2 Agency, which is one of the most award-winning design studios in Poland.

How do we do it?

  • Designing with accordance to the User Centered Design concept
  • Visual projects
  • Fully functional visual prototypes
  • Research and validation on visual design
  • Eye-tracking
UX & Visual design