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Software maintenance

Software maintenance

Get specialized software support services to ensure that you control the business continuity when it relays on software.

We offer a range of software maintenance services related to the issues handling, re-configuration, environment healthcare, handling usual maintenance procedures and Feature Request handling. We work as the 2nd or the 3rd line of support.

In a natural way we deliver maintenance services for our solutions, but moreover we deliver maintenance services for the solutions built by other suppliers.

We offer standard maintenance processes or we adjust configuration of the processes to the specific client’s requirements. We are capable to provide our clients with different software environments, e.g. Development, UAT, Stage.

We cover the full cycle of issue handling, including diagnostics, troubleshooting, quality assurance, regression tests, fixes deployment.

We handle maintenance contracts with SLA parameters both on “response time” and “resolution time”.

How do we do it?

  • Emergency phone number
  • Maintenance processes tailored to customer requirements
  • Tools for maintenance processes management
  • Guaranteed both “response time” and “resolution time”
  • Full transparency of software maintenance process
Software maintenance

Help desk

Provide your end-users with a solid software help desk services to ensure that any technical or business problem will not affect your processes.

We provide software help desk services as a direct support for application end-users (1st support line).

We offer a standard help desk process for handling users’ requests or we customize process and all the procedures according to the customer specific requirements. We provide necessary tools to handle and control help desk processes.

We provide multi-channel contact options for software end-users, including phone line, e-mail, web application, but we handle all the requests in the same manner.

We handle help desk requests “end-to-end” – from the user request to the resolution confirmation. We naturally cooperate with the internal or external 2nd line of support when the software needs fixing.

We provide the control over SLA parameters with regard to the software “bug fixing” delivered by the 2nd line of support.

How do we do it?

  • Multichannel request registration
  • Individually designed help desk processes
  • Requests classification
  • Substantive support for end-users
  • Troubleshooting management and SLA monitoring
Help desk